Founded in 2005, Blumenfeld Interiors was born from a love of beauty in all forms. With 20 years of design experience in Los Angeles, San Francisco & New York, Alison Blumenfeld has worked as an art director for a major fashion label, a trend forecaster, and a home accessories designer. In 2007, she launched the noted silk jersey apparel line Blumenfeld. Alison is a graduate of Art Center College of Design and lives in Los Angeles. 

"It's all the same really, whether you're designing a dress, a paperweight, a catalog, or a room. The same principles apply: proportion, hierarchy, layering, and color. With interiors, I collaborate with my clients to create environments that are backdrops for their lives. A house has to have certain things to function, but the goal is that these things come together to inspire the life that your client wants."

Furniture line to debut 2022.